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Savannah River Augusta, GA

The Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) consists of 18 counties across Georgia and South Carolina that reside near the Savannah River.

Streaming to the Atlantic Ocean, The 300-mile long Savannah River is known for its beautiful wildlife and nurtures all surrounding inhabitants.

With the establishment of this region, CSRA Regional Commission, a public sector, created well organized division planning infrastructure that helped with the management of land-use development, grant writing, business and finance administration, economic development, historic preservation, geographic information systems development and implementation to member jurisdictions dedicated to this region.

Additional organizations that helped with the grown of this area are Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, and many others. Thises organizations focus in business orientation and advocating economic growth in the CSRA area. They help connect customers to business, increase networking opportunities, boost advertising directory, provide resources workshop for professional development, involve government affairs, and much more.

“CSRA is the Metropolitan Statistical Area and includes counties on both sides of the river,” said Charm McCall, CEO of the CSRA Federal Credit Union.

Over 50 years ago, Georgia and South Carolina were divided into many different regions and was geographically named for planning purposes. On June 25th, 1950, an issue of The Augusta Chronicle featured a Jefferson county educator, C.C. McCollum, when his suggestion of the “CSRA” was evaluated and chosen by a committee of the leaders in the community. The contest was also supported by many other local broadcasting unites, such as Augusta Herald, WGAC, WBBQ, News 12 WRDW and News Channel 6 WJBF.

This abbreviation precisely and concisely described all the surrounding cities that are at the heart of the Savannah River. It is a term frequently used by the media; even business owners include CSRA in their company names to endorse their loyalty to the local community and their focused service in the region.

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